Schedule of Availability of Service Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Who may avail the service? Residents within SCWD’s area of jurisdiction whose connection is disconnected due to request and non-payment of bills
What are the requirements?
  • Leter of request for reconnection of service line registered concessionaire with corresponding Account Number
  • Water Bill receipt for water bill payments
  • Cashier’s Official receipts for reconnection fee
  • Authorization letter in case the registered concessionaire is not available to make request
Step Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity
(Under normal circumstances)
Person-in-Charge Fees Form
1 File a request for reconnection of service connection to Customer Service Assistant Desk Prepare statement for reconnection fee and compute the cost of unpaid consumption for payment to the Bill Collector 10 minutes Customer Service Statement of Account
2 Verify unpaid water bill (if any) from the Customer Service Assistant Desk Check Customer Ledger Card 3 minutes Customer Accounts Ledger Card
3 Pay reconnection fee and unpaid water bills (if any), get official receipt of the reconnection fee from the cashier Issue validated water bill and or official receipt 8 minutes Bill Collector/ Cashier 1-5 days
P 50.00
6th day to 6 months
P 150.00
after 6 months to 1 year
P 250.00
After a year disconnected
P 1000.00
Official Receipt
4 Present Official Receipt to the Customer Service Desk Assistant’s Desk Prepare Maintenance Order for reconnection and forward to ECPWQ 5 minutes Customer Service Assistant / Engineering Assistant D (Charmaine Linga / Maria Adeliza Flores) Maintenance Order / Logbook
5 Wait within 24 hrs for the reconnection of water service File maintenance order duly signed by the complainant and by the ECPWQ personnel 5 minutes Customer Service (Charmaine Linga) Logbook