Schedule of Availability of Service Monday – Friday (Except Holidays)
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Who may avail of the service? Residents within SCWD’s area of jurisdiction
What are the requirements?
  • Letter of request to disconnect water service from registered concessionaire
  • Official Receipt reflecting full payment of all necessary bills/fees
  • Authorization letter in case the registered concessionaires is not available to make request
Step Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity (Under normal circumstances) Person-in-Charge Fees Forms
1 The registered concessionaire shall submit letter of request for voluntary disconnection to the Customer Service Assistant’s Desk Prepare service request to be forwarded to the ECPWQ 2 minutes Customer Service (Charmaine Linga) Statement of Account
2 Go to Customer Service Assistant’s Desk for verification for unpaid water bills if any Compute cost of unbilled consumption for payment to bill collector / cashier 10 minutes Customer Accounts (Charmaine Linga) Customer Ledger
3 Pay any unpaid water bill at the bill collector / cashier Issue validated water bill receipt and or Official receipt 5 minutes Office Collector (Lea Resurreccion) Official Receipt
4 Receive official receipt from the Office Collector
5 Present official receipt to Customer Service Assistant Forward the duly accomplished Service request to ECPWQ for disconnection 5 minutes Customer Service (Charmaine Linga) Service Request / Logbook
6 Wait within 48hours for the disconnection of Service Connection File service request duly signed by the complaint concessionaire and by the ECPWQ  personnel  Engineering Assistant D (Maria Adeliza Flores)  Service Request
7 Submit summary report for updating and posting Receive summary report from ECPWQ  1 minute  Engineering Assistant D / Customer Service Assistant (Maria Adeliza Flores / Charmaine Linga) Summary Report
8 Disconnection Disconnect from the System and update Logbook  2 minutes  Customer Service Assistant (Charmaine Linga)  Logbook