Application for work at the SCWD is open to anyone provided that prospective employees / meets the qualification required for the job opening.
Job opening posted at the Bulletin Board of SCWD, CSC Bulletin of Vacant Positions, LGU such as Municipality and Barangays and other public places.
A Personnel Selection Board (PSB) screens the applicants.

  • Application Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae with latest 2×2 picture
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Eligibility (ies)
  • Photocopy of Transcript of Records
  • Other supporting documents, if any.
Follow these steps It will take you Please approach
1 Check for Job Vacancy IRMA-B
2 Submit 2 minutes
3 Preliminary screening: your application will be screened by IRMA-B / ASO-A upon submission of your application. (If there is no vacant positions , your application will only be received by the IRMA-B & include the applicant in the pool of applicants). 15 minutes IRMA-B, Department Manager -Finance, Administrative & Commercial Services Division
4 Wait for the advice/notice: You will be advised to come back on a schedule date when the Personnel Selection Board (PSB) screens the applicant to fill the vacancy. Only applicants who are able to meet the minimum QS requirements will be called for an interview.
5 PSB screens applicants who meet the QS requirements
6 Appointing Authority Selection: PSB will forward the list of recommended applicants who are qualified to the vacancy
7 Hiring: You will be notified if you were selected by the appointing authority to fill the vacant position. IRMA-B
Employment papers are prepared by the Human Resource Section IRMA-B