Schedule of Availability of Service Monday – Friday (Except Holidays)
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Who may avail of the service? Residents within SCWD’s area of jurisdiction
What are the Requirements? Photocopy of the following:

  • Valid I.D.
  • Residence Certificate
  • Brgy. Permit
  • Location
  • Proof of Ownership(Land Title/Deed of Absolute Sale/Lease Contract)

*Personal appearance upon complete payment of water service connection

*Authorization letter from the owner to transact and sign in his/her behalf

Step Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity (Under normal Circumstances) Person in Charge Fees Form
1 Get water service Application Form from the Customer Service Desk Assist applicant in accomplishing the water service application form 5 minutes Customer Service Assistant (Roderick De Ramos) Application Form
2 Submit all necessary requirements Check application for completeness and authenticity of the information and documents and assist client for payment of Inspection Fee. Inform applicant to return the following day after the inspection or wait for TEXT or CALL from Customer Service and they must ATTEND the SCWD Policy Information Dissemination Orientation of New Applicants every Friday 3PM 4 minutes Customer Service Assistant / Cashier (Roderick De Ramos / Donnabel Becina)  P 50.00 Inspection Fee Application Form
3 Recording of paid Inspection Fee, encoding of Information for database. Turnover to ECPWQ within the day Customer Service Assistant (Roderick De Ramos) Log Book
4 Inspected Application Form Check with storekeeper for availability of materials. Prepare the detailed statement of account to be paid. Inform applicant that their application has been inspected thru TEXT or CALL. 10 minutes Storekeeper / Customer Service (Glen Joseph Reolada / Roderick De Ramos)  Application Form
5 Go to Customer Service for payment of connection fee, labor charges and materials to the cashier Present the total amount to be paid. Inform the applicant that payment can be  made in FULL or PARTIAL (For partial payment, prepare loan contract or promissory note then forward to the cashier for payment). 8 minutes Customer Service Assistant / Cashier (Roderick De Ramos / Donnabel Becina) Connection Fee:

Residential – P 2,000.00

Commercial – P 2,500.00

(Construction/ labor & Materials – after inspection)

Application Form and promissory note duly signed by CSA / Cashier with corresponding OR
6 Forward the paid documents to the Customer Service Assistant Encoding of payment details for database. Forward to Section Chief for final checking and setting of Account Number. Then, forward to Division Manager for approval. Then turn over to ECPWQD for lining up (First Come First Serve) 30 minutes Customer Service Assistant, Section Chief and Division Manager (Roderick De Ramos / reymond Oblepias / Anabel Alcantara) Application Form and Promissory Note
7 Wait for three(3) working days or more based on the sequence of all the applicants of New Service Connections Record and file Application Form already connected with our service line 5 minutes Customer Service Assistant (Roderick De Ramos) Logbook