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SCWD Logo Santa Cruz, the capital town of Laguna, was served by water system originally constructed on 1920 with one well as main source and an elevated concrete reservoir called the Elbo Water System. In later years, two wells were added at Barangay Pagsawitan, a river infiltration gallery and at Barangay San Pablo Norte, a deep well. Only the town proper and a few adjacent barangays were served by these systems. The water quality and system pressure was very poor and inefficient. These systems was operated by different waterwork administrations for many years and was finally given a new management with the creation of Santa Cruz Water District on June 25, 1980 in accordance with the Presidential Decree No. 198.

With the creation of Santa Cruz Water District, an improvement was made. The system pressure was improved through 100% metering of all registered connections, replacement of all pumping equipment in three existing production wells with effective and efficient units and service to the concessionaires for longer hours. Water quality was also improved through installation of chlorination equipment. Other improvements were made gradually through the years with the different managements that handled the operations of the District but the most dramatic and widely felt improvements were made and undertaken by the present management.




To provide clean, safe, adequate, affordable, potable and uninterrupted supply of water to all residents by the competent skilled and dedicated human resource through systematically advanced technologies. Santa Cruz (Laguna) Water District shall be one of the best recognized water districts in the Philippines. The Santa Cruz (Laguna) Water District is committed to provide good quality water by achieving the highest level of parameters set by the Local Water Utilities Administration, Philippine National Standard for Drinking Water and other governing agencies through continual improvement of the Quality Management System
Supreme Court Mandamus LWUA MC 008.15 Philippine Water Act of 2004
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DILG MC. 88-15, 97-78, 2005-21 DILG MC. 2013-113, 2016-146, 2019-03

The present management lives up to the Mission and Vision of the District to operate on a full twenty- four- hour basis, with no interruption since all the pumping stations were equipped with back up generating systems as stand-by in cases of power interruption and pre-arranged blackouts. The old production wells serving the municipality were abandoned and replaced with new ones. Also three new production wells were constructed and added to the system. They were established in different strategic locations to give way for the construction and installation of more distribution lines that paved the way for reaching far flung barangays of Santa Cruz, Laguna. The whole municipality is now being served by Santa Cruz Water District where the barrio folks can now avail adequate but cheap, potable and safe water twenty- four hours.

The total active service connections as of February 2019 is 16,610 including institutional, government and commercial establishments, covering ALL 26 Barangays in Santa Cruz, Laguna. The present concern of the management is to further improve the system pressure by constructing more production wells in anticipation of the rapid growth of population and economy of Santa Cruz, Laguna. Another major concern is the replacement of old pipelines in the whole distribution system. This is to fully comply with the mandate of Presidential Decree No. 198 to serve the people with adequate, safe, cheap and potable water.


We, the Officers and employees of the Santa Cruz Water District,
do hereby pledge to commit ourselves to:

Core Values


Serve our concessionaires promptly, efficiently,
diligently and perform our work in serving them with
outmost courtesy and skill, 24/7.


Conduct our mandated obligation to the people with
full compliance to the standards of public service and


Work hand in hand with the community in ensuring the
safety, potability, quality and affordability of the water
being served to the people.


Deliver this most human need right into their household, 24/7 DEDICATION AS PUBLIC SERVANT

As a public entity, the SCWD embraces service with dedication. Its main objective is concessionaire’s satisfaction. The workmanship must be complied with excellent performance that could only be attributed to services with full dedication.

SCWD is a firm believer that in dealing with people, outmost courtesy is most paramount importance. It always in calculates to all its employees the value of courtesy as it reflects to the kind of office and leadership we have in our office.

Wisdom is one virtue and value that the SCWD embraces in the performance of its mandated obligation to the public. The true measure of professionalism is the manner and wisdom we show in the performance and execution of our job.

As public servants and a public entity entrusted with delivering the most basic commodity of human life, dedication to sworn duty as public servant is a value constantly being calculated in the minds and hearts of every SCWD employee. It is a role that is being born out of full awareness of the vast responsibility of being a public servant and a public entity.

The Officers

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